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  • 10000L Wine Fermenter
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    10000L Wine Fermenter

    10000L wine fermenter Pump-over fermentation tank is primarily intended for maceration of grape pomace, but it also can be used as a classic wine storage tank. Features ● The circulation pipe and spray ball enable the must to be pumped over the cap, which helps the...Read More
  • 5000L Wine Tank
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    5000L Wine Tank

    5000L wine tank ● 1800mm(D)x2000(shell height) ● Material: SS304 ● Exterior& interior 2B finish; interior welds are ground, passivated and polished ● Inner diameter 1800mm, shell height 2000mm, total height 2923mm ● Cylindrical shell; conical top offset to ladder rack;...Read More
  • Variable Capacity Tank
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    Variable Capacity Tank

    Floating lid with sealing gasket makes liquid inside of the tank variable via adjusting lid height, avoiding possible oxidizing caused by half-tank of wine. Heavy duty made keeps our tank in high quality level. VCT is a multiple-purpose wine tank, it can be used for...Read More
  • Keg Washer -1 Head Manual
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    Keg Washer -1 Head Manual

    ● 1 head ● Electric heating 18kw ● Voltage:220V/60HZ/3phase ● Weight: 260kg ● size:1000*1450*1560mm ● Capacity:30-40 kegs/hour ● manual controlling ● Applicable kegs: 5L-50L ● 2*100L water tank ● D type spear ● no insulated, No flowmeterRead More
  • 1000L Buffer Tank
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    1000L Buffer Tank

    ● Volume: 1000L ● Material: SUS304 ● Finish: brush polished external, 2B finish, welded grounded ● Size: dia. 1250mm, cylindrial H=610mm, total H=1700mm ● Flat top, 1/3 open,with handle, 1*4” port clamp ● Big conical bottom 50 degree ● 3 legs ● 1*4” drainage port clamp at bottomRead More
  • 5000L Forkable Tank
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    5000L Forkable Tank

    This type of tank is very suitable for smaller and low-ceiling cellars. The heavy-duty made fork port and bottom helps the tank to be moved easily and safely. Features ● Slope bottom provides an easy discharge of liquid. ● Cooling jacket is optional for controlling the...Read More
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