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  • Spirit Tank Farm

    Contact NowSpirit Tank FarmSpirit Tank Tarm Tanks farm for Chinese spirit usually consists of tens of storage tanks which the capacity is more than 100CBM of each. Our customers covers 80% spirit manufacturers in China including Moutai. Beside of tanks, we also design and make the controlling system, piping system and...Read More

  • Wine Tank Farm

    Contact NowWine Tank FarmWine Tank Farm Wine tank farm includes fermentation tanks section and storage tank section, as well as some functional tank such as blending/mixing tank, cold stabilization tank, etc. We can outline and suggest the design plan and manufacture equipment for the entire winery, including tanks,...Read More

  • Platform Ladder

    Contact NowPlatform LadderPlatform and ladder We can design and make platform and ladder for the tank farms. Made by stainless steel, the platform and ladder are durable and enable very efficient access to tanks, for checking and operation.Read More

  • Pipes Valves

    Contact NowPipes ValvesPipes and Valves We design and make the pipeline system under national standards. The material of pipes and valves, the welding, installation, checking and testing are all according to the most strict standard in this industry. 3D model is available for review and assessment.Read More

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