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  • Closed Top Wine Storage Tank
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    Closed Top Wine Storage Tank

    Closed Top Wine Storage Tank This type of tank is used for fermentation of white wine and storage of wine. Smooth surfaces and perfectly finished welds prevent the formation of wine stone and accumulation the impurities inside the tank. Conical bottom enables a easy discharge...Read More
  • Bulk Wine Storage Tank
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    Bulk Wine Storage Tank

    Bulk wine storage tank This type of tank is for bulk wine storage. The capacity is from 10 m up to 200 m . The bottom is slope flat. It sits on a concrete base which is fit the bottom, bolt fixed to the base. Insulation and heating/cooling jacket are optional. Configuration:...Read More
  • Portable Storage Tank
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    Portable Storage Tank

    P ortable Storage Tank This type of tank is very suitable for smaller and low-ceiling cellars. The fork port helps the tank to be moved easily. Slope bottom provides an easy discharge of liquid. Cooling jacket is optional for controlling the fermenting temperature perfectly....Read More
  • Insulated Tank
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    Insulated Tank

    I nsulated Tank Insulated storage tank is suitable for mucus elimination, stabilization and other oenological processes, which require a tank with thermo-isolative characteristics. Dimple jacket is for controlling the temperature perfectly. The entire inside tank surface is...Read More
  • Sparkling Wine Storage Tank
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    Sparkling Wine Storage Tank

    Sparkling Wine Storage Tank These tanks are intended for production of sparkling wine according to the tank method. In the tank method or charmant method (named after the French winemaker Eugene Charmant, who pioneered this method), the second fermentation is conducted in...Read More
  • 75 Gallon Wine Barrel
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    75 Gallon Wine Barrel

    75 gallon wine barrel Prettech’s new stainless steel wine barrel gives the winemaker the best of both worlds. You can age wines without adding oak flavor to the wine and use whatever ratio of oak to steel barrel you want, without sacrificing complexity. Furthermore, you can...Read More
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