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  • Pump-over Type Wine Fermentation Tank
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    Pump-over Type Wine Fermentation Tank

    Pump-over Fermentation Tank Pump-over fermentation tank is primarily intended for maceration of grape pomace, but it also can be used as a classic wine storage tank. The circulation pipe and spray ball enable the must be pumped over the cap, which helps the maceration. Slope...Read More
  • Conical bottom Wine Fermentation Tank
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    Conical bottom Wine Fermentation Tank

    Conical Bottom Wine Fermentation Tank This type of tank is used for the fermentation of the must for white wine. Smooth surfaces and perfectly finished welds prevent the formation of wine stone and accumulation the impurities inside the tank. Conical bottom and a decanting...Read More
  • Cone Shaped Fermentation Tank
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    Cone Shaped Fermentation Tank

    C one-shaped Fermentation Tank This type of tank is used for fermentation of white and red grape varieties, as well as for storage of wine. The tank shape revives the tradition of ancient cooperage. Advantages including: cone-shaped jacket delays the raising of lees and...Read More
  • Open Top Tank
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    Open Top Tank

    Open Top Tank This type of tank is used for red wine vinification. It provides unlimited access to cap and is easy to submerge the cap. Slope bottom provides an easy discharge of liquid and pomace. The large rectangular manhole makes the emptying and cleaning of tank interior...Read More
  • Removable Top Fermentation Tank
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    Removable Top Fermentation Tank

    R emovable T op F ermentation T ank This tank can be fabricated with removable top in a truncated design or coned to the center. The top and tank shell is highly sealed when the top is covered. It offers the ability to be used for both open top fermentation and storage. It...Read More
  • Portable Fermentation Tank
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    Portable Fermentation Tank

    P ortable Wine F ermentation Tank This type of tank is very suitable for smaller and low-ceiling cellars. The fork port helps the tank to be moved easily. Slope bottom provides an easy discharge of liquid. Cooling jacket is optional for controlling the fermenting temperature...Read More
  • Horizontal Rotary Fermentation Tank
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    Horizontal Rotary Fermentation Tank

    Rotary Fermentation Tank Rotary fermentation tank is an innovative technology for winemaker, the horizontal type and rotary mixing can increase the touching capacity between grape must and cap, the tannin and anthocyan can be macerated at the maximum, it can reducing manual...Read More
  • Automatic Discharge Wine Tank
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    Automatic Discharge Wine Tank

    A utomated Pomace Removal Fermentation Tank This tank provides all of the needed conditions for the whole vinification process during the producing of the red wines. Scrapper pan is mounted on the conical bottom of tank, it s used to move the rape to the door in order to...Read More
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